Vert is an energy gel powder. It's easy to mix at home or out and about. Simply add water and away you go.

Nutrition Facts:

1 serve = 22 g of Carbohydrate 

1 serve = 50 mg of Sodium  

1 serve = 2 scoops of Vert

How to Mix (1 serve)

  1. Add 2 scoops of Vert to the Flask
  2. Add 10 - 30ml of water to the flask. (if you like thicker gel add 10ml if you like thinner add more)
  3. Moosh it up.
  4. The Vert flask will hold up to 5 serves of Vert.

Vert Lifehacks

  • If you like it completely smooth add hot (not boiling, tap is fine) water then chill in the fridge. 
  • You can freeze the gel if you want. It makes a nice treat on hot day. Doesn't feel to bad in running vest either.
  • If you want some caffeine on your run you can mix the unflavoured with a shot of espresso.
  • You can use Vert as a sports drink just add more water. 1 serve in 500ml of water = Sports Drink

How Much Vert? 

Before Exercise

Before a long run/ride or big effort day (eg tempo, threshold, vo2max) 

1 Gram/Kg of bodyweight 1 hr before

Example: 60kg athlete = 60grams of Carbs = 3 Serves of Vert (6 scoops)

Race Day: On the start line have 1 serve of Vert.

During Exercise

30g of Carbohydrate per 30 mins of exercise is a good guide.

= 1-2 serves every 30mins.

With Vert you can choose to have 1 serve every 30 mins or just sip it as you go.

For events lasting longer than 2hrs 90 grams per hr of Carbohydrate is recomended. 

= 1 serve every 20 mins

Emerging Research

It was previously assumed that 60g was the maximum amount of Carbs per hr. However elite athletes such as Gustav Iden, winner of the 2019 Ironman World Championship are ingesting 110g/hr and others are using even more!  Consumption of up to 150g/hr are not unheard of.

Morales, et al. found that 7 marathoners could comfortably consume 120g/hr. in the form of 30g every 15 minutes.  

If you want to experiment with more carbohydrate it is important to practices this. The gut needs to be trained.