Vert is an innovative Gel powder. It allows athletes to use a reusable flask to get the benefits of energy gels with out the single use plastic.  

Easier on the Stomach

As Vert is a powder and not a gel it doesn't need any preservatives, acidity regulators or humectants. Some preservatives like Sodium Benzoate have been shown to irritate the gastric mucosa. These additives may lead to the stomach upsets that often destroy a race or a training session for athletes. 

Sucrose, the main carbohydrate in Vert, causes less GI upset than glucose only products.

Easier on the Environment

Vert uses Sucrose as the main carbohydrate. Sucrose has a 66% lower carbon footprint compared to dextrose/glucose, which are manufactured from corn. Sucrose is produced right here in Australia, so the food miles are lower dramatically lower. Vert doesn't use any single use plastics and all our packaging is compostable. 

We use pure fruit to flavour our powder so there's nothing artificial.

Better for Performance 

Whole body carbohydrate utilisation has been found to be higher with Sucrose as opposed to glucose only supplements. As Vert sits better than other energy gels this may allow higher consumption of carbohydrate.  Vert has a Glucose to Fructose ratio of 2:1 enabling higher consumption of carbohydrate, utilising both glucose and fructose pathways. 


Vert is just $1.50 per serve dramatically cheaper than any other Gel or Carbohydrate Drink source on the market.

Origin Story

Vert was founded by Ben Paris, a dietitian and runner from Brisbane, Australia. He was dissatisfied with the gels on the market and the way the empty packets always seemed to litter his favourite trails and make his pockets or running vest sticky. There had to be a better solution! He put his dietitian hat on and created a gel powder and a reusable flask so athletes can get the benefit of gels without the plastic.  

Vert is about helping athletes improve their performance and achieve their goals without hurting the places they love.  We have eliminated single use plastics from sports gels and have ensured that all our packaging is compostable so the only thing you'll leave behind are PBs.

Vert is made locally in Brisbane, Australia.