We've all had our share of GI upset when running. Vomiting on those around me during one marathon was one of one moment of GI upset I won't forget in a hurry. A lot of GI issues can be resolved with Gut Training.

The evidence seems clear that the gut much like the rest of you responds to training. Athlete can train their way up to eating increadible amounts of carbohydrate per hour. Figures of up to 150g/hr have been reported. 

What is happening when you train your gut?

  • Carbohydrate Trasnporters upregulate in the intestine allowing more carbohydrate to be absorbed
  • The microbiome of the gut will adapt to a high carbohydrate environment
  • Your stomach will empty quicker into the intestine
  • You increase the ability of the body to oxidise carbohydrate
  • You get used to running with a full stomach and learn to feel less full while running

How can you train your gut?

  • Start 10 weeks out from your event ideally
  • Work out your target rate of carbohydrate intake for that event. Ie 30/60/90g per hour
  • Practice taking this in on your longer rides/runs and one intense workout during the week
  • Start out small and increase over 4-6w eeks.
  • It's important to practice taking in carbs at race pace
  • Practice with the Carbohydrate you intend to use on race day.
  • Start early in the session, maybe 15 minutes in.

Example: 120 grams per hour for a Marathon.

Week 1 - 1/2 serve of Vert every 30 mins

Week 2 - 1/2 serve of Vert every 20 mins

Week 3 1/2 serve of Vert every 15 minutes. 

Week 4  Alternate 1/2 serve and full serve every 15 minutes

Week 5 Full serve every 15 minutes

August 30, 2023 — Ben Paris